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The Hector Input Catalogues

This site describes the code I've written to go from the initial catalogues containing millions of objects to the final catalogues of targets that will be part of the Hector survey.

The Hector Survey is made up of two large patches of sky, named WAVES North and WAVES South, as well as 11 dense galaxy clusters1 at a range of Right Ascensions. To begin with, we've sub-divided the large WAVES North and South regions of sky into five smaller regions of roughly 60 square degrees: G12, G15, G23, H01 and H03. As the survey progresses, we'll add more of these.

Along with the clusters, this makes 15 unique regions which this pipeline will create catalogues for. The ultimate outputs of this pipeline are the catalogues of galaxy targets, guide stars and standard stars for each of these regions.

The list of Hector regions and the sky coordinates of their centres (in degrees) is below, and can also be downloaded as a .csv file here

Region Name Right Ascension Declination
A0151 17.10920 -15.40920
A3158 55.77040 -53.65310
A3266 67.77460 -61.44360
A3376 90.15290 -40.03260
A3391 96.58590 -53.69330
A3395 96.88000 -54.43740
A3667 303.09170 -56.81520
A3716 312.86000 -52.70700
A2399 329.372605 -7.796920
A0119 14.067150 -1.255370
A0085 10.460211 -9.303184
G12 180 0.0
G15 225 0.0
G23 345 -32.5
H01 15 30
H03 45 30

  1. Really more like 10- the clusters A3391 and A3395 are merging, and are treated as a single field in the pipeline.